The Lions School is one of the leading schools in Champa with an international reputation. The objects of education to littering was emaciated by their founder headmaster, Mr. S.A Massey in 1977-78, are as relevant today as they were over 35 years ago.
Lions school was founded and established on 1977. The patron and founder of this school Mr. S. A. Massey. The school strength was 70 students in 1978 with 6-7 teachers and at first was named Daily Convent English Medium School Champa and was a co-educational English medium school. It was taking over by Lions Club Educational Society Champa in 1980.

1st Chairman : Lion Late Dr. Thomas Mathai
1st Secretary : Lion Late Shalikram Dewangan
1st Principal : Mr.N.C. Gaikwad

Aim & Objective

The school seeks to help the pupils acquire academic excellence, training them in discipline, them work and fair play. The specific aim of the school is to mould children into upright citizens. Special emphasis is laid on the over all round development of the child.
The school is recognized by the board of Secondary Education Chhattisgarh Raipur. The school prepares boys and girls for the High School Certificate Exam (10 Yrs. Course) & the Higher Secondary School Certificate Exam (12 Yrs. Course).

Our Mission

  1. To promote a school community/society/nation where spiritual, moral and genuine human values are lived and witnessed to.
  2. To contribute to the transformation of society through and an openness to reality and living challenges being socially conscious and socially responsible.
  3. To enable the poor and the marginalized to exercise their freedom to be human and rake their right place in society.
  4. To promote intercultural and interreligious harmony and communion through promoting genuine dialogue in an atmosphere of respect an openness. We also facilitate experiential dialogue whereby we work together for the common goal of the human family.
  5. To facilitate leadership among the students enabling them to be genuinely other – oriented and spiritually and socially motivated towards personal, group and societal liberation.
  6. To provide quality, integral education which is life, vocation and career-oriented. We promote a climate for human and academic excellence with an openness to learning and the development of skills so that work towards the empowerment.

Our Vision

The School Vision is a simple statement of the type of school we wish to see. In some aspects it is a reflection of what we have already achieved, in others it is a statement of how we would like to develop the School. Overall it is the common aim for everything we do from preparing lessons, to working with the children, to recruiting new staff, to improving the facilities

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